Clomid is a synthetic ovulation stimulant. It was introduced into clinical practice in the 60s of the last century and is still widely used. Many doctors believe that the emergence of this drug has become: Buy Clomid Online A revolution in the treatment of female infertility. The beginning of the era of assisted reproductive technology... Read more


Female Viagra is an oral medicine that is used to treat female sexual dysfunction. Women, who can not achieve sexual arousal, may be prescribed Female Viagra pills: 25 mg 50 mg 100 mg   Buy Female Viagra Online Optimal doses ... Read more


Zithromax is an antibacterial drug, approved for the treatment of mild and moderate infections in children and adults. This antibiotic has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity and is effective in the treatment of diseases that are caused by Gra... Read more


Amoxil is an antibacterial drug of the penicillins group. This drug has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity. It is approved for the treatment of several dozens of diseases and may be administered to both children ... Read more


Tetracycline is an antibiotic that is used to treat infections of varying severity in children aged 12 years and older, and adults. The therapeutic effect of the antibiotic is directed to the inhibition of growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. However... Read more


Augmentin is a combined antibiotic, which is widely used to treat a variety of bacterial infections in children and adults. The medicine contains two active ingredients: Amoxicillin. Clavulanic acid. Buy Augmentin Online Amoxicillin ... Read more


Cipro is a bactericidal agent of fluoroquinolones group. It contains the active substance Ciprofloxacin, which provides antibacterial action. The drug comes in the form of: Tablets of 250 mg or ... Read more


Doxycycline is an antibiotic with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action. The antibiotic penetrates the cells and inhibits the growth and reproducti... Read more


Flagyl is an antibacterial drug that effectively suppresses vital functions of bacteria and quickly stops the development of a bacterial infection. Flagyl easily penetrates into infected organs and tissues, selectively inhibits the activity of pathogenic microorganisms without affecting... Read more


Lasix is a potent oral diuretic (water pills). The... Read more


ED drug Kamagra is a well-known and widely used generic Viagra. Just like the “little blue pills”, Kamagra contains active substance Sildenafil, which: Relaxes and expands the walls of blood vessels. Increases blood flow to the cavernous bod... Read more


Metformin is oral antihyperglycemic agent that is used to control glucose levels. It does not stimulate insulin secretion, so the level of this hormone in the body of a diabetic does not increase. Regular use of the antihyperglycemic agent Metform... Read more


Nolvadex is a drug for first-line treatment and prevention of breast cancer in older women and men. Nolvadex action is aimed at blocking estrogen receptors in cancer cells, which leads to: prevention of the effects of estrogen (female hormone) ... Read more


Priligy is a short-acting SSRI. The drug is used to solve the issue of rapid ejaculation, including if they occur intermittently or permanently. Priligy is available in the form of tablets that contain 30 mg or 60 mg of Dapoxetine. This active sub... Read more


Silagra is a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, who are unable to achieve and maintain a good erection. Silagra (Sildenafil) drug helps restore male sexual function by enhancing hemodynamics in the penis. After its administration,... Read more


VPXL is a food supplement that promises to men an incredible result - an increase in the length and circumference of the penis. The supplement works for both circumcised and non-circumcised penis, through: Increased blood flow to the cavernous ... Read more