Buy Clomid - Treatment of Female Infertility

Clomid is a synthetic ovulation stimulant. It was introduced into clinical practice in the 60s of the last century and is still widely used. Many doctors believe that the emergence of this drug has become:

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  • A revolution in the treatment of female infertility.
  • The beginning of the era of assisted reproductive technology.

Clomid It is produced in the form of white round-shaped tablets. Each tablet contains 50 mg of the active substance Clomiphene citrate (non-steroidal agent).

            This active substance stimulates the activity and completes the maturation of the ovarian follicle. As a result of such action, egg that is ready for fertilization is released from the ovary.

Who should use Clomid 50 mg pills?

This drug simulates ovulation and is administered for the treatment of female infertility. However, not all women with infertility are appropriate candidates for therapy with Clomid. It is prescribed for women who wish to become pregnant, who were precisely diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction.

Before initiating therapy for infertility, women should consult a doctor and learn the information about possible side effects and other risks. Clomid does help many women to conceive, but also increases the chances of having twins.

Dosage and administration

Infertility treatment and the use of Clomid 50 mg tablets should be monitored by a physician, experienced in the management of gynecological or endocrine disorders. Before the treatment begins, talk to your doctor. He will tell you, at what stage of the menstrual cycle to begin treatment.

If you decide to start pharmacotherapy for infertility, you must follow the recommendations for dosing:

  • During the day, use a single dose of Clomid 50 mg.
  • Better observe approximately equal intervals between the doses administration.
  • Ovulation stimulants should be taken continuously for 5 consecutive days.

When Clomid does not help a woman to get pregnant at the first attempt, she is prescribed a second course of treatment (dose increased to 100 mg). The course should be initiated in 30 or more days after the first course. As a rule, no more than three courses of treatment are prescribed.

Who should not take ovulation stimulants?

Clomid is not intended for men, children or adolescents. The drug is contraindicated in adult women with:

  • Ovarian cyst.
  • Liver disease.
  • History of liver dysfunction.
  • Hormone-dependent tumors.
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding.

Like any other ovulation stimulants, Clomid should not be taken by women, who are hypersensitive to active and inactive ingredients, contained in the pills. Before the beginning of each treatment course, woman should make sure that she is not pregnant.

Where to buy Clomid?

Drug for th treatment of infertility, Clomid, is available in the US, UK, Australia, the New Zealand and many other countries of the world. You can find this drug at your local pharmacy. You can also order Clomid without a prescription in an online pharmacy.

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