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Flagyl is an antibacterial drug that effectively suppresses vital functions of bacteria and quickly stops the development of a bacterial infection.

Flagyl easily penetrates into infected organs and tissues, selectively inhibits the activity of pathogenic microorganisms without affecting the structure and function of healthy cells.

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The composition of the drug Flagyl includes anti-bacterial agent Metronidazole. Patients with a bacterial infection may be prescribed one of three dosage forms of Flagyl (Metronidazole), including:

  • oral tablets
  • oral capsules
  • solution for intravenous injection

Indications for use

Due to the wide spectrum of its antibacterial activity, Flagyl helps to successfully fight infections of varying severity and in localization. Physician may prescribe oral or injectable Flagyl for the treatment of diseases, caused by bacterial infection, in:

  • abdominal cavity
  • bones and joints
  • brain
  • respiratory tract
  • soft tissues
  • urogenital tract

In addition to the antibacterial effect, Flagyl also provides antiparasitic action. Therefore, it can be used to treat certain parasitic infections (including amoebiasis).

Oral forms of Flagyl are commonly prescribed for the treatment of parasitic infections. The injectable form of this antibiotic is prescribed at the initial treatment stage for severe aerobic bacterial infections.

Dosage for management of infectious disease

To treat trichomoniasis, patients may be prescribed a one-day or seven-day treatment course.

  • If a one-day treatment regimen was chosen for the treatment of trichomoniasis, patients need to take one Flagyl dose of 2 mg - once, or split this dose into two intakes.
  • Patients with trichomoniasis, who were prescribed a seven-day treatment regimen, must take one Flagyl 250 mg tablet or capsule every 8 hours for a week.

For the treatment of a gastrointestinal or hepatic disease, caused by parasitic infection, patients should take one oral dose of Flagyl 750 mg for 5-10 days.

The pediatric dose of oral Flagyl for parasitic infections should not exceed 50 mg/kg. The recommended duration of treatment for parasitic infection in children is 10 days.

To treat anaerobic infections in adults, high daily dose of Flagyl are used, up to 4 grams per day, divided into several intakes. The average duration of Flagyl use for curing anaerobic infections is 10 days.

Contraindications and prescribing restrictions

Injectable and oral Flagyl should not be used to treat bacterial and parasitic infections in patients, who are allergic to the antimicrobial agent Metronidazole.

Flagyl should not be prescribed to alcoholics, who use Disulfiram-containing medicines to support the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

Fast delivery antibacterial drugs

To successfully cure infectious diseases, drug therapy should be initiated as soon as possible. If the infection symptoms already appeared, and patients have no time to immediately visit a doctor, they can order Flagyl with overnight shipping without leaving their home.

Pharmacies that provide the opportunity to buy Flagyl without prescription deliver this antibiotic almost to any country of the world. Therefore, patients suffering from a bacterial or parasitic infection can quickly get Flagyl tablets or injections, regardless of region of residence.