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Tetracycline is an antibiotic that is used to treat infections of varying severity in children aged 12 years and older, and adults.

The therapeutic effect of the antibiotic is directed to the inhibition of growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. However, the drug is not capable of destroying them completely.

Buy Tetracycline Online

The destruction of pathogenic bacteria cells is performed by the immune system cells, while Tetracycline provides a supportive effect. It is therefore important to take the antibiotic on a regular basis and comply with the recommended duration of antibiotic therapy.

Today, Tetracycline is available mainly in the form of 250 mg film-coated tablets and capsules.

Tetracycline: indications for use

Due to the wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity, Tetracycline is effective in the treatment of infectious diseases of:

  • respiratory tract: pneumonia and chronic bronchitis;
  • urinary tract: pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis.

Tetracycline is prescribed to adolescents often to treat ear, nose and throat infections: pharyngitis, otitis media, sore throat, and sinusitis. Adults are prescribed this antibiotic for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, such as lymphogranuloma, resistant gonorrhea and syphilis, chancroid.

Tetracycline may be used both as monotherapy and in combination with topical agents for the treatment of ophthalmic infectious diseases and skin infections.

The drug is prescribed to patients for the treatment of brucellosis, dysentery, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, cholera, and bubonic plague.

Tetracycline: method of administration and dosage

Because the food and dairy products reduce the absorption of Tetracycline, tablets and capsules are advised to be taken 1 hour before a meal without splitting, and with a full glass of non-carbonated water.

The dosage regimen is selected based on the severity of infection and the symptoms intensity. Adults (including elderly patients with a normal liver function) and children over 12 years of age are prescribed 250 mg Tetracycline, four times a day. The interval between the doses is 6 hours.

In the treatment of severe infections, the daily dose is increased to 2 g of Tetracycline and is divided into four intakes.

When using Tetracycline, compliance with the following treatment duration is very important:

  • skin infections - not less than 10 days;
  • sexually transmitted infections - 10 to 30 days;
  • infection of the respiratory and urinary tract, ear, nose and throat infections - 7 to 10 days.

Contraindications to the use of Tetracycline

The antibiotic is contraindicated for use in children under 12 years of age and in patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency.

Tetracycline penetrates breast milk and the placenta, and can have a negative impact on the development of the fetus and infant. Therefore, this antibiotic is contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The antibiotic should not be used in combination with retinoids, as this increases the risk of intracranial hypertension. Hypersensitivity to Tetracycline or any component of the antibiotic is a contraindication to its use.

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